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Be the MVP of your 3-Man Squad as you annihilate other teams with our full 3D ESP and 2D Radar that shows your opponent’s exact positions at all times. Take out enemies with precision, and have the perfect tactical information to keep your squad informed on positions of your opposition.
Apex Legends

Undetected, powerful multihack for Apex Legends

Apex Aimbot

Looking for a reliable Apex aimbot? Crypto Cheats understands how difficult it can be to obtain a win in Apex Legends, but our tools can almost guarantee you one.

Apex Wallhack ESP

The best hack for Apex is one that gives you every feature needed to succeed, and the Apex Legends wallhack is clearly one of those features.

Apex NoSpread

Spread is a burden regardless of how good you are the game, so why not get rid of it? Use our NoSpread feature to keep your shots on point.

Apex NoRecoil

Recoil is bound to ruin your experience at some point, so get rid of it through the use of our Apex Legends NoRecoil option.

Apex 2D Radar

Using a 2D Radar could save your skin in more than one way, which is why it’s always a good idea to use an Apex cheat that has it implemented.


Instantly improve your in-game performance with our Apex Legends hack. Features like our 3D Player ESP give you constant information on the positions of your opponents. Boost your win rate immensely as you hunt down opposing teams or keep your squad informed of the positions of opponents.

With our Aimbot, increase your accuracy and get a ton of kills every match to level up even faster than before, earning more apex packs and unlocks to fill out your account with new cosmetics and skins. Lock-on for easy headshots and kills, and conserve your ammo while you eliminate entire teams before they know what’s happening.



How to order our Apex Legends hacks:

1. Go to our store, choose Apex Legends hack, and make your order

2. You will receive an email with links for our easy guides as well as a link for your license key

3. Follow the guides and start up Apex Legends

4. Enjoy your hacking

Apex Legends Cheats have the following features:

✔ Aim Field OF View

 Aim Speed

 Aim Adjustments

 Aim Key

 Horizontal Recoil Slider

 Vertical Recoil Slider

 Randomize Aimbot Speed

 Randomize Recoil

 Aimbot Prediction

 Set Each Of The Above Settings Individually For Each Weapon


Distance ESP

Team ESP

Name ESP


Glow ESP

Knocked ESP

Health ESP

Shield ESP

Aimbot Field Of View ESP

Hitbox ESP

Item Filter

Color Picker For Each Item



Save Settings

Load Settings

Move Menu

Resize Menu

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